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Beauty Giveaway: Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

February 14th, 2013Written by Emily L. Foley

When it comes to the giveaways I do here on my blog, you can be sure of two things: One) It’s a brand I love personally, and Two) The product is fab! And today’s giveaway is also a third thing: Not yet available to buy in stores!

Boscia is a fab preservative-free beauty line that always take cues from Asian beauty rituals (which is super smart considering how advanced Asian culture is in all things beauty. Oh, and there’s also the whole living longer and aging slower thing–smarty pants over there!!).


The brand’s latest offering for Spring is their Tsubaki Beauty Oil. A combo of tsubaki (camellia) oil, rice bran oil and wakame (Japanese sea kelp), this oil has been used as a beauty-problem cure-all for years in Japan. It prevents premature aging, locks in moisture, smoothes lines, protects the skin from free radical damage with a heavy dose of antioxidants, and leaves the skin looking radiant. It’s also non-comedogenic, so it’s safe for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Have I convinced you that you need this stuff yet? Well, good news: one of you will have it in just a few days!

It’s super easy to enter: Just leave a comment below stating why you want to win. And for a second entry, follow me on Twitter, here, and tweet me saying you did.

The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, February 16 at 10am EST, and will be notified via email. Please note: Only U.S. residents are eligible to win.

Good luck!

Peace, Love and Free Stuff,

***Thank you to everyone who entered! The winner was notified via email.***

User Comments

Tonya says:
February 14th, 2013

Love this one, Emily! I love Boscia!

Phoebe says:
February 14th, 2013

Would love to try this beauty oil!

Sarah says:
February 14th, 2013

I would like to win, so I can age like the Japanese.

Maria Hegedus says:
February 14th, 2013

Would love to win!! New to using oils – have tried coconut recently too!

callie says:
February 14th, 2013

I need this! Just started freaking out about lines I see popping up!

Sally M. says:
February 14th, 2013

Love how easy it is to try for your giveaways, Emily!

Harmony says:
February 14th, 2013

The bottle is so fun and pink! Can’t imagine how great what’s inside is! :)

Emily says:
February 14th, 2013

I love free things, yo!

julie says:
February 14th, 2013

one of these days i’m gonna win one of your giveaways!! 😉

Valerie C. says:
February 14th, 2013

This looks like something I really need to treat my sensitive combination skin for aging. Thanks for the chance :)

A.W. says:
February 14th, 2013

After watching your segment on the benefits of oils, I really want to try this!

coco says:
February 14th, 2013

i never win stuff, but gonna try this!

april l. says:
February 14th, 2013

this sounds so cool and japanese! :)

Kelly M says:
February 15th, 2013

I have been wanting to try beauty oils and Boscia would be the perfect place to start!

rachel s says:
February 15th, 2013

i would love to win this because my daily serum just ran out and ive been looking to try a beauty oil! boacia has proven to be nothing but the best!! happy valentines day <3 (*.•)

Elena Vo says:
February 15th, 2013

Would love to win to shake off the winter blues and get a jumpstart on my spring beauty routine!

Amanda L. says:
February 15th, 2013

Everyone is talking about beauty oils–would love to try Boscia’s!

DRD says:
February 15th, 2013

my face could use a miracle! lol!!!

Lesley Smith says:
February 15th, 2013

My skin has been so dry and sensitive this winter–would love to try this miracle product out!

Addy J says:
February 15th, 2013

A friend was just telling me how great Bocsia is–would love to try it!

Tami says:
February 15th, 2013

At 46 years old, I’m starting to see the changes in my skin and welcome any new product that may be just the thing I need to slow down the aging process. Sounds like an excellent product!

annamaria says:
February 15th, 2013

Love this one, Emily! I love Boscia!

Annie says:
February 15th, 2013

Fantastic Giveaway! I have yet to try a facial “oil” and this looks perfect for my hormonally-crazed, sensitive pregnant skin.

chelsea says:
February 15th, 2013

Love to try new products & let my friends know how well they work! XO

Lynne says:
February 15th, 2013

Would love to try something for my super sensitive skin!!

carmen says:
February 15th, 2013

oh, honey, hook me up! I almost want to send you a pic so you can see how dry my face is and how bad I need this!!

Lori Berke says:
February 15th, 2013

I’ve always been apprehensive about trying oils on my face, but I know you (and everyone) say it’s ok, so I’d love to try!

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